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Our moving day was moved up from Saturday to Tuesday, people were available to help so we scrambled to get ready and, as a result, spent the first night in our new home last night.  Sometimes we make our best laid plans, but must always be open to what God is orchestrating and prompting and move when He moves!  So thank You Lord for acceleration!

January Refreshing

We are taking the month of January to get refreshed with the Lord, and to get re-focused for the year to come!!!! The Lord has given us several promptings to sit with Him, read His Word, and Rest in Him. So check back in February!!!

12 days later…

It’s 12 days since our last post and we are STILL working on that newsletter.  We need to hire someone to post daily for us, or at least a few times a week! It’s COLD here and we’ve had some snow but God is still setting up divine appointments for us! We are grateful that He uses all of us who are willing and available to reach out to those who don’t know His love. May you have a wonderful day next Thursday giving Him thanks!

Refreshing conference

We were treated to a wonderfully refreshing pastors/missionaries conference in Brookings, South Dakota the first part of this week. It was a wonderful time of meeting people and hearing testimonies of how the Holy Spirit is working through people just like you and us! Thank you to our pastors for taking us along with them. It was truly a blessing.

New Pix Coming

We just got back from the lake where a wonderful photographer from our church took pictures of us and the bike and banner for the new brochure we are working on! We haven’t had a new picture for 10 years. Our thanks to June for such a blessing! Can’t wait to have them. (Update: You can see our new BWB picture at the top of our Photo Gallery page!)

Eye Doctor Sees Need for Forgiveness

Emil had an eye appointment today and the doctor asked why he didn’t fill out his health history sheet. Emil explained that he isn’t on medication, doesn’t have any diseases, and doesn’t have a regular physician. The doctor was amazed and after examining Emil’s eyes declared that they are in perfect health which told him that Emil’s health is very good! Emil took the opportunity to tell him that he makes sure to stay free of unforgiveness and constantly releases stress to the Lord, two of the main things that lead to disease. The doctor said, “Wow, you really have life figured out. You’re right. There are people from way back in my life whom I need to forgive.” TY, Lord, for the way You orchestrate conversations to open people’s eyes to truth and life.