Fundraising Meter

We have started a fundraising campaign to rebuild our support base which decreased dramatically when we moved from Iowa to Colorado last year. We are asking you at this critical time to seriously consider the value of this ministry and take it before the Lord, seeking His guidance on whether to partner with us on a monthly basis. If we could get 20 people (or churches) to give $100 a month or 40 people to give $50 and so on, we could raise the $2,000 that we need each month.

Or make check payable to Bikers with Boundaries Ministries (or BWB) and mail to: BWB Ministries, 44 Southpark Rd, Florissant, CO 80816.

METER UNDER CONSTRUCTION! As of today, July 12th, we have raised $830 toward our $2000 goal! Thank you for your prayers and support!