IOWA Free Prayer Center

Update: We reluctantly closed the Free Prayer Center in June 2017 when we moved to Colorado. What wonderful experiences we had in the year and a half we were open! Hope to do it again some day!

History of the Free Prayer Center, Storm Lake, Iowa (pix in Photo Gallery)

Around November 2015 we wrote: We have located the perfect building for indoor year-round Free Prayer! Each year the onset of winter brings the outdoor roadside to a close. The momentum builds through the spring and summer but abruptly halts when weather conditions force us to put the motorcycle away.

An incredible shift has taken place on the roadside over the summer: Individuals stop and receive a life-changing touch from the Holy Spirit as usual, but this year many have returned again and again with friends, family members, co-workers, all wanting to receive a Word from the Lord! It reminds us of the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 who ran and told the townspeople about her encounter with Jesus–then the people came to the well to see Jesus and hear for themselves. The last day we were out, a man received prayer and said, “This is amazing! Will you be here tomorrow so I can bring my wife?” We said, “Absolutely!” An hour later we were hurriedly putting the motorcycle into winter storage as an unexpected snowstorm moved in and moved us indoors.

We began praying, “Lord, how can we keep this going ALL year round? How can we keep the momentum which You have created moving forward?” Karen had a vision of a storefront in town, a place where weather would not hinder what the Lord is doing, a place where people could find us when they need prayer, a place to experience the Holy Spirit year round, a place right on the main drag of town!

One morning soon after, we were set up in Hardee’s Restaurant with our Free Prayer tabletop banner, having coffee with our pastors Loren and Cheryl Carlson. In the middle of our conversation about the vision, Cheryl glanced out the window and suddenly pointed, “Like THAT place??” And there it was! A small building with a For Rent sign in the window, directly across the street from the parking lot where we set up this summer! We called and the owner showed us the 700 square foot space. It has a large open room, a small side room and a bathroom. Just big enough for us to put up some chairs and a couple of tables and post our Free Prayer banner in the window. Incredibly, the rent is only $550 a month plus $150 for utilities. Our total cost for one year would be $10,000 including deposits and insurance. This is the biggest thing Bikers with Boundaries has considered in 13 years since we purchased our new motorcycle in 2004 at a cost of $15,000.  But every time we have said to each other, “This vision is too big!” and let it go, the Lord has brought it back over and over until we can no longer ignore it.

We believe this building is critical to the growth of the Kingdom here in Storm Lake. Free Prayer is a proven strategy of the Lord’s to reach the lost and those who have become disengaged from Him and His church and to bring salvation healing, deliverance and transformation to their lives. This building affords us the opportunity to expand the ministry by having it open year round because when weather allows us to be on the roadside or we are at RAGBRAI or other events, ministry in the building can continue, manned by people whom we have been training.

November 2016:

The Free Prayer Center has been extremely successful. Hundreds of people have come through the door in the 9 months we have been open. And just like when we set up on the roadside, there are a variety of needs but God has met each person and gone straight to the heart of the matter as we pray with them. It is HIS Center and He draws the people to it. We are grateful to be able to be available to Him through your giving.