BWB Origins

God places our motorcycle at the crossroads so we can bring people to the cross.
God places our motorcycle at the crossroads so we can bring people to the cross.

We are Bikers with Boundaries, a roadside ministry offering “FREE PRAYER” on the streets. Our mission is to take our motorcycle and set up on the roadside to fulfill the Lord’s promise to us, “If you will go and sit on the side of the road, I will bring you the people I am drawing.” Our boundaries are the roads and the times He gives us each day.  I asked the Lord, “Why a motorcycle?” and He answered, “Because if you had a car, a woman alone with kids wouldn’t stop for fear that someone could be hiding in the car. With a motorcycle, you are totally transparent and no one has to be afraid.”

He told us that there are many who have had seeds planted in their hearts about Jesus but have questions before they give their hearts to Him. They don’t go to church, and they have no Christian friends, family or co-workers.

The Lord told us not to spend our time, energy and money seeking people who will never give their hearts to Him. He said, “There are people in whom I have planted a seed from when they were a small child, a teen or an adult, and they are so close to giving their hearts to Me. They have a few questions they need answered before they do that. But they don’t go to church because they’re not Christians; they have no Christian friends or family; and they don’t have Christian co-workers. If you will go and set up on the side of the road, I will bring you the people I am drawing. ”

I said, “Lord, what if someone stops and asks something I don’t know the answer to. I wouldn’t know what to tell them.” “You’re right,” He said, “you wouldn’t, but I would. So with each person, you are continuously to ask, ‘Lord what do you want to say to them?’And I will tell you what to say. Tell them what I want them to know. It may have nothing to do with why they stopped.”

When people stop, we aren’t to give them OUR words but to ask Him what He would like to say to them. Each person has a different need, a different situation, and is in a different place with God. And God has a message, a word, for each one that He has called to stop.
The Lord said, “Do not think about it as you have to be there at a certain time but that I have an appointment to keep.” It’s not Him sending us out for a divine appointment. People aren’t stopping to meet us. Unknown to them, they are coming to meet with Him. He scheduled it. It’s not our divine appointment, it’s His.

We have seen God do incredible things on the side of the road: healings, suicidal people saved, addicts delivered, people with emotional and mental problems set free, demons cast out, lives transformed before our eyes, and whole families rededicated to the Lord.

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