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18 Years!

We are entering our 19th year of Roadside Free Prayer! Our 18th anniversary was September 12th. We look forward to this year and to many, many years ahead! Thank you to all our partners and all who have encouraged us over the years! Your support is vital to us in more ways than one!

Tall Corn Days

We will be in the Tall Corn Days parade here in Sioux Rapids Saturday morning with our Free Prayer trailer! It is an annual celebration and starts off Friday night with a Sweet Corn Feed at the American Legion–sounds yummy!!! We are grateful for the continued exposure to our community and more and more people are recognizing us on the roadside and honking and waving! The corn in the fields surrounding our house is about 7′ tall and beautiful!

In the News!

The editor of the Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press interviewed us last week and wrote an article about the ministry which was published in last Friday’s paper. The Bulletin Press is a weekly newspaper within the larger Spencer Daily Reporter, so we received some fairly widespread publicity! We are happy she mentioned the Lord throughout the article! And glad more word is out about who we are and why we’re out on the roadside! Thank You, Lord!

Memorial Day Service

Emil spoke at the American Legion’s Memorial Day service yesterday in Sioux Rapids. His message was very compelling and he had several men come up afterwards to talk with him. The response of all who were there was very positive. We are so thankful for the message the Lord gave Emil as soon as he hung up the phone from accepting the speaking engagement. To all of you who served on our behalf and to all the families who lost a son or daughter, husband or father, we thank you and honor you.

New Site

We were blessed with another site yesterday! Emil went to town (Sioux Rapids) to talk to a guy about getting the mower left us by the previous owner of our house tuned up. It turned out the guy and his wife are strong Christians and Emil told him about our ministry. There is an empty driveway right next to this guy’s business, facing Hwy 71, with great visibility. He said they would love to be a part of the ministry by offering us this site! Besides being on Hwy 71, it is right in the middle of town, the place we feel our ministry is greatly needed. We believe word has gotten around about us and people will begin stopping as soon as they see us there. Thank You, Lord!

Preliminary Approval

We have received preliminary approval on a site on which to set up Free Prayer! We are excited! We need to get State Police approval before the owner will give us full approval. Right now, there is a foot or more of snow blocking the pull-out! But that can easily be removed!

Hope Deferred Prayer

Have you been experiencing hopelessness, discouragement, doubt, disillusionment? If so, join us in this prayer by CeCe Sheets. Father, we thank You that You know our hearts even when we can’t see clearly. Your love for us never changes. Even when we seem to lose hope and don’t know what to say to You, we know that You are faithful. You are our peace, the One who heals our hearts, the One Who has power over all, strong, mighty, but full of compassion. I choose to believe Your truths that You watch over me, You are good, faithful, merciful, You cannot lie, You’re my Strong Tower, my Refuge, and my Strength. Lord, I ask You for Your peace and Your strength. I trust that You hold my times and my seasons in Your hands. Today I choose to run into Your loving arms and allow Your wrap-around presence to comfort and sustain me.  Lord, we will not waver in our faith but choose to stand firm, believing Your truths. We hold onto Your promises. We choose to be Your instruments of love and compassion while carrying the torches of truth and justice. Breathe Your hope across our hearts today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


We were out of town over the weekend and couldn’t update This Week’s Devotion until today. If you looked for it Saturday, we apologize. We now have the issue fixed so that we can update it when we are out of town!

Iowa Trip

We just returned from a week in Storm Lake, Iowa, where we caught up with many friends and had several ministry appointments, ministering to around 20 people. God is good! We will be back on the Colorado roadside Monday. We were not able to post a new Saturday devotion from Iowa but watch for a new devotion this Saturday, August 15th.