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God Describes Man’s Life from 8 Years Old to Today in 2 Minutes!

A man called for prayer and was introducing himself when the Holy Spirit began to download to Emil about this man and in two minutes, the Lord totally read this man’s mail and he was in tears and agreeing with everything God said. Emil ministered the love of Jesus to him and he was totally set free! God is so awesome and incredible and never stops amazing us at how He ministers to people to break down the walls around their hearts to set them free!

Legs Grown Out

Our July 27th newsletter had the story of Emil praying for his boss Margarita after the Lord told him that she had one leg shorter than the other and He wanted to heal her.  Emil prayed and she was healed and she was so excited she took the lift out of her shoe and took it to her chiropractor to show him what God had done! Recently one of her bosses found Emil and said he had just come from the same chiropractor who told him one leg is shorter than the other and to go back to work and find the guy who prayed for Margarita! Sure enough, his leg grew out and he took the lift out of his shoe, too! God is so cool!!!


Emil prayed for two people yesterday and both experienced healing! One who had a dental appointment for two root canals and two crowns, but when Emil prayed the Lord told him it wasn’t his teeth, it was his neck which was pushing on nerves going into his teeth. When he prayed for the neck to be aligned, all pain left! He prayed for a man whose in great pain from an old football injury to his hip and the pain immediately left! Then last evening he began a conversation with a young man and had a word from the Lord that brought him to tears and brought complete confirmation to him of some things he had been considering.  God is so awesome!

Two More Sermons Added to YouTube

We have just uploaded two more sermons by Emil to YouTube. “The Light of Jesus” is an encouragement when the world around us looks very dark. “Roadside Stories” tells how lives were changed when God spoke to people on the roadside. Please check our Teachings and Sermons tab for the links to them.

New Page of Teachings

We have added a brand-new page called “Teachings and Sermons by Emil” which has, for now, the two sermons that God impressed upon us to get out to as many people as possible in 2017. Please check out the page for the YouTube links to these two life-changing messages.

In the beginning…God dispels emptiness and darkness

I started reading the Bible again from the beginning, Genesis chapter 1. The thing that really stuck out to me this time is that the first thing God did when He began creation of the heavens and earth is that He dispelled the darkness and He got rid of the emptiness! God is not a God who wants us to live in darkness and emptiness! Satan wants us to live life where it seems like the darkness has overwhelmed us and emptiness has become our best friend! Don’t allow Satan to take you there! Instead call on the loving God and Creator of all heaven and earth! Call His resurrection life into your life! To dispel your darkness and to bring in his light! Satan wants us to feel alone, discouraged and abandoned. But God brings life and life more abundantly! Allow God to shine the light of His face upon you and in your life! God is more than ready and willing to change every place in your life where the enemy has a foothold!

Accept, Expect, Expedite

We’ve been asking and praying about what we are going to be doing here, BWB-ministry-wise.  The Lord told Karen, “Rest, relax, enjoy the journey–there’s a lot to see.” We feel that’s not just the scenery but the needs around us. And to Emil He said, “Accept, expect, expedite. Accept where you are, expect Me to do great things, and when it’s time, I will expedite it!” And Emil feels that word is not just for us but for anyone who’s willing to accept and do the things God is calling us all to do.


BWB Ministries is moving to Colorado a week from TOMORROW!!! We are in the midst of everything involved with moving, including packing. Please pray for us that every minute of these next days until we pull out the 20th in the moving truck will be used effectively and efficiently! To follow up on the last post, our house sold the day it was put on the market! We drove to Colorado Springs the next week and found an apartment in Woodland Park (the location of Andrew Wommack’s Charis Bible College). We are sad as we say goodbyes to all our beloved friends here in Iowa and we are excited as we anticipate what God has in store for us and the ministry.

What a Difference Two Weeks Makes

It’s been two weeks since our last post and since then, our lives have turned upside down! We are moving the ministry to Colorado Springs in about 5 weeks! Emil will be working at Andrew Wommack Ministries to supplement the ministry income. At this time, our Free Prayer focus is Manitou Springs, about which God has been speaking to us for several months but it didn’t dawn on us that He was moving us there until recently!  God has been working out all the details amazingly, of course–He is a big BIG God and He knew this was coming! Please pray for our home to sell quickly and for us to find affordable housing there! More to come…

Pastors Meeting

We met with a group of pastors Friday who want to see the Kingdom advanced and come in power in Northern Iowa. It was a low-key meet-and-greet for the first meeting. We each talked about our life passion and our vision for the kingdom. The object is to pool everyone’s giftings to see how that could facilitate revival and Kingdom advancement through demonstration of power. It was a great meeting of like-minded people and great to hear everyone’s stories and share our hearts. We were happy to give and receive ministry, prayer and prophetic words. Looking forward to meeting again in June and seeing what God’s plans are for the group.