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A Ride to Find a Place to Preside!

We were on the roadside this morning and afterward felt we were to take a drive and God would light up more set-up spots.  We found two: one at the intersection of Hwy 24 and SR67, just outside of Divide, SR67 leading to Cripple Creek and Hwy 24 leading to Florissant and beyond. It’s a church parking lot  which has great visibility from all 4 sides. Emil has a call in to the pastor to ask him about it.  Please pray he calls and approves us! The second one is on SR67, a huge pull-out with an old small abandoned building at one end which has a cross on top! It is a perfect place to set up when there are special events in Cripple Creek, such as when Colorado’s largest procession of motorcycles takes that route to the annual Salute to American Veterans Rally August 17th.

Jesus Plus Nothing

A woman stopped for prayer for health issues. Although she is a Christian, she had been trying visualization techniques etc but after many years, had not received relief. We told her healing comes from Jesus plus nothing! She said she agreed, “but…” We explained that every “but” is a doubt coming from unbelief. We continued to talk and she began to catch herself saying, “yes, but…”  Suddenly, she got it! We prayed and she came out of agreement with the spirits of fear, doubt and unbelief, and the accusing spirit. We cast them out and filled the places they had been with the Holy Spirit. She looked completely different and felt a huge weight lift off. We then prayed for her health issues. She stopped by the next day so that we could praise God with her for all the healing she was experiencing!

“What you do is so important!”

Today the Lord told us to be sure to be on the roadside at 1pm sharp! We got there a couple of minutes in advance and He said, “Get the banner up or you’ll miss it!” We hurried and as we attached the last corner of the banner, a van pulled up and a young woman jumped out and said, “Let me help you!” She said, “I was looking for you! I saw you out here the other day and today I was back up here making deliveries when I saw you setting up and I had to pull in! I was so happy to see you!” God ministered to her in great detail. She wound up accepting the Lord, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and as she got up to leave, she noticed 2 other cars had pulled in! She was so intent on hearing what God was saying to her that she hadn’t noticed when Karen got up quietly to go over to pray for 3 other people. She put her hand over her heart and said, “What you do is so important, to be willing to sit out here for a living, waiting for people like me and these other people, just to love us and pray for us! I can’t tell you how much it means that you were here for me. I just want you to know that you just changed the rest of my day and not just that, you changed my life!”

God Protects

For two days,  the Lord told us we weren’t to go on the roadside. He reminded us that from the beginning of the ministry, He said he would protect and provide for us as long as we asked for and obeyed His daily instructions of where to be and at what time. This time He was protecting us by keeping us off the roadside, that there was someone who would stop that would not be good. TY, Father! Last night a young man came to the house to give us a bid on some work our insurance company is requiring. Emil had his Free Prayer shirt on and he had seen us on the roadside! Emil got to minister to him before he left!

“I thought I’d seen it all!”

That’s what the woman said as she got out of her car,  pointing to our sign, and laughing! We talked for a long time, exchanging stories about the Lord and His goodness! When we prayed for her, Emil saw God’s golden bowls full of of rose petals and every rose petal was anointed with one of her tears. She began to cry as she quietly repeated, “Rose petals!” The bowls tipped and were falling back to her. The Lord said, “I collect all your tears,  every tear you’ve ever cried. Every prayer you thought I never heard and every prayer you thought I never answered, I’m sending back to you right now.” It turned out, she had just asked Him about that the night before and asked Him to show her that He heard her prayers. She then showed us on her phone a picture her daughter had sent her which had made her cry. It was a picture of a girl walking out of a brightly lit cave up to her knees in rose petals that had fallen from the ceiling of the cave. God knows what is meaningful to each person who stops on the roadside!

On the Roadside

We set up on a roadside pull-out just west of Florissant on Hwy 24 for the first time 2 days ago. We prayed with a woman who was steeped in New Age and universalism. Her extreme reaction when she heard the words of the Lord to her was like nothing we had ever seen before, and we know she experienced HIs presence like nothing she had ever experienced before! At the food pantry in Manitou Springs yesterday, Emil got to pray with 3 people and spoke at length with one young guy about Jesus. Today we were back on the roadside when a veteran pulled in. An awesome guy who loves the Lord, he was filled with the word of God and today got filled with the Holy Spirit as well, and his back was completely healed!

Rest of the story!

Here’s the mattress man’s story since we forgot to put it in the newsletter! Emil asked if he needed prayer and he said, “Yes! I can always use prayer. I’m messed up all the way from the bottom of my feet to my head!” He broke his neck when he was in his 20’s and has had very little feeling since then in his feet and legs but he can walk. He suffered nerve damage from the 30 surgeries he endured when his intestines ruptured last year so he didn’t have much feeling from his waist to his neck. Also his body was completely toxic, causing damage to organs and restrictions to his breathing. He said, “If it wasn’t for the Lord, I know I wouldn’t be here. I’m saved, baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost!” Emil stood at his feet and told him to just keep laying down and we would for his health and also that the Lord would show him which mattress to buy! He laughed. Emil laid his hands on his feet and the man folded his hands on his chest and stared at the ceiling as we began to pray. We asked the Holy Spirit to fill him up and he breathed in deeply and with a loud sigh, closed his eyes. We prayed for all the damage to his body to be restored and all injuries to be reversed. He opened his eyes and asked, “What are you doing to my feet?” Emil said, “I just have my hands on them.” He said, “My feet and my legs are getting really hot! They’ve been cold ever since my accident.” Emil said, “Well, every time you feel something good, just say, ‘Thank You, Lord! More power!'” So he loudly proclaimed that! He moaned and repeated it as we continued to pray. He said intense heat followed by electricity started at his feet and went all the way up to his chin. Then he started getting feeling back in his feet, legs, abdomen and chest. When we finished, he said he felt such peace and was just enjoying the presence of the Lord. He took Emil’s hand in both of his and firmly shook it and said, “I’m getting all my feeling back!” When we  left a few minutes later, he was still laying on the bed with his hands crossed on his chest and his eyes closed, moaning and saying, “Thank You, Lord! More power!”

“Be at the mattress store at 10am!”

Even though it’s been stormy this week, God is still telling us what time and what place! Monday morning, Emil heard we were to be at a certain mattress store in Colorado Springs at 10am, a place we had never been. Sure enough, when we got there, only one other customer was in the store and God lit him up. As we walked toward him, he said to Emil, “I don’t know what to buy” which started the conversation. The man had undergone over 30 surgeries and complications. When we prayed for him, his body began to tingle all over and feeling came back into his body! Details in our upcoming newsletter! If you’re not receiving it, sign up for it on the “Contact Us” tab!