Prophetic Word

The roadside has been extremely busy since our last post in August! Hope you received our August e-newsletter. If not and you would like to, sign up on the Contact Us page. We attended a conference with Billy Burke last week and he called us out. He asked us what we did and when we told him about Roadside Free Prayer, he was amazed and gave us the following word: “God is going to send unlikely people to see unlikely miracles, roadside miracles. You’ll get a mailing list and you’ll have partners. This is one of those highways and byways unique ministries at the end times. You’ll find you’re going to have people stand with you and a team will develop. In the summer of 2020 there will be a team, just three, just four, but it will grow, and you’ll have places to go here and there and over there and down here. Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!” Then he touched us lightly and down we went, experiencing floor time with God for about 10 minutes! Thank You, Lord!

Roadside Explosion!

The roadside has exploded this month. Multiple people at a time have been stopping with issues ranging from grief from loss of loved ones to marriages on the brink of divorce, people in desperate need of guidance from the Lord to people who just want to stop and thank us for providing the service of Free Prayer! We come in every day tired but joyful! Thank You, Lord, for all You do–for the salvations, for the healing of broken hearts and marriages, for the encouragement and direction You provide!

Great Evening with Friends

We had a wonderful time with the 26 old friends and new friends who came to our get-together Friday night in Gilbert, AZ. We were able to do a little ministry and pray for people afterward. Next time we come to Arizona, we would like to have an opportunity to stay a few more days to make ministry/prophetic appointments with those who would like them.

Newsletter and Coffee

We are putting out our July newsletter today through Constant Contact. If you would like to receive a copy via email or via snail mail, please email us through our “Contact Us” page. If you live in the Gilbert AZ area, we are having an interest/update coffee August 2nd at Evident Life Church, 415 N Gilbert Rd, from 6:30-8:30pm. We’d love to have you join us!

Great New Spot

We are loving the new spot we are setting up on almost daily now. We have had up to 11 people stop for ministry and prayer. The state police, sheriff’s department and local police have all approved for us to be there, and a few have stopped by to say hi and to keep up the good work! Thank You, Lord!


We were on the road much of June, 2+ weeks ministering in Iowa, then to Wyoming after a few days at home. We just put out a newsletter Friday summarizing our trip and bringing readers up to date on what’s happening on the roadside here in Colorado! If you are would like to receive our newsletter, please sign up on the “Contact Us” page!

Wonderful 2-week Ministry Trip

We just returned from a 2-week ministry to Iowa. Emil spoke the two Sundays, once in Storm Lake and once in Mason City. We ministered to over 50 people and saw 6 salvations! We also got to visit with a lot of friends in both places which was refreshing and such a blessing. We drove a total of 3,400 miles due to a good 3-day detour to Chicago to visit his dad and sister and family. We saw a lot of flooding through the midwest states and said a lot of prayers for the families and farmers there. We however experienced good and dry weather on the trip for the most part. We are in Wyoming this week but look forward to hitting the Colorado roadside full force the next Monday!

Roadside Very Busy May

The roadside has been very busy this month! We are happy to have had a couple of college students join us two different days to experience it! Sunday a woman pulled in by the trailer and jumped out of her car, crying and saying, “I am so grateful that you are out here today! I need prayer! When I turned the corner and saw FREE PRAYER, I knew you were here for me!”

Mark 16:20 Confirmed!

Mark 16:20 NIV Then the Disciples went out and preached everywhere and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it!

I came for healing and she hobbled out of her car. How did she even know we believe in healing? God!!! She had pain in her knee, Hip, Back, and her shoulders. She said she was in pain all the time! The Lord said, She has a broken heart! A man very early in her life spoke very damaging words continuously to her. Because of that she doesn’t see any worth or value in her life. Also that she doesn’t think that I (God) think anything of her other than disappointment! As we addressed these things in her life she cried and cried as she agreed with what the Holy Spirit was saying to her! We prayed and the Lord healed everything from within her to the outside of her!

We had a man stop totally stoned off his gourd! He slurred his words, staggered, cursing, and leaned against the hood of his truck so he wouldn’t fall down. He stunk so strongly of pot as well as a desperate need of a bath, so bad our eyes were literally watering as we talked to him. He had a blown out back for the last 40 years, he was hooked on drugs, and he cursed everyone and everything. As the Lord began to download to us about this man and we began to share it with him, he became more and more quiet! As he realized he wasn’t saved, he began to listen and to cry! As he made the decision to receive the Lord into his heart and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he changed before our eyes!! He sobered up completely! All the smell around him of pot and the need of a bath LEFT! Then we prayed for his back and he was totally healed! He said I didn’t mention this to you but when I got hurt in my back I lost all feeling in all my fingertips! Now I have all the feeling in my fingers back! Jesus thank You For loving and healing the broken hearted!