On the Road Again

Emil is 95% recovered from the neck injury sustained last week so we will be back on the roadside tomorrow at the intersection of SH67 and Hwy 24 in the parking lot of Gateway of Praise church. At this point, it looks like this will be our winter set-up site.

A Few Days Off

Off the roadside for a few days. We use free weights now instead of cinder blocks to keep the banner from flying away, and I had roped them together so I can carry them all at the same time. Last week when we were packing things up, the rope broke which jerked my right side from my neck down. I finally went to the chiropractor today and he said I had popped my top rib out and jammed it into my collar bone! No wonder it hurt so bad. I’m feeling better but still sore and I have a huge static noise in my ears. Thanks for your prayers!

What’s In A Name?

A woman stopped and said I don’t know what I want prayer for! I passed and the Lord said Loudly, go back and stop. She said she suffers from arthritis in her back and her left knee, but it was alright because is going to therapy. The Lord said this is NOT arthritis but unforgiveness! As she was talking the Lord said write the name Bill on your hand. If you just tell her this name she won’t recall it but if you write it and show it to her she will see it and I will recall it to her and IF she forgives him, THEN I will heal her because she has deep seated bitterness in her heart towards him. So I asked her about this name. She said NOPE! I have never had anyone in my life by that name! So I said well I wrote it down on my hand. As soon as I showed her my hand with the name written on it she immediately recalled that this was the name of her Uncle who had molested her as a child! As we led her in a prayer to forgive her abuser, the pain in her knee and back began to go away! By the next day she said she was feeling so much better as the pain was totally diminishing! So what’s in a Name! FORGIVENESS and HEALING! That’s our Lord!!!

The Lord’s Amazing Compassion

We had a man stop on the roadside today. He turned out to be a neighbor we didn’t know. He stopped for prayer because his 31 year old son was murdered 4 weeks ago. He wept as he talked about it as he had just come from ordering his son’s headstone. As he wept the Lord showed up in such an incredible display of His compassion to paint the picture of how this man’s son transitioned from his fleeting life to the Lord’s arms in Heaven. It was so beautiful. The Lord downloaded to this man about his son in a way that his son’s death went from memories of a violent death to an incredible transition that only a loving God could do!¬†

God heals a car

Today on the roadside up SH67 in Divide was busy! We prayed for a brain injury, Guidance for buying a house, a soldier who wanted to be a good leader of his kids, need for a building, and more! One guy stopped as we were packing up who was someone who stopped a few weeks ago! He said I was hoping you would be here!! You prayed for me because my car needs a lot of repairs. You prayed the Lord would take care of the repairs! WELL, since you’ve both prayed over my car it runs better than it ever has! God healed my car!! Now I discovered that the car has a slight bent part on the frame and it is wearing my tires out! Would you pray one more time for my car so I don’t need an alignment? After¬† we prayed he said thank you Lord! Now I don’t need an alignment! He left after many hugs and rejoicing expecting that the Lord healed his car a second time! God is amazing!!

BWB Turns 15 Years Old

This Wednesday September 12th is our 15th Anniversary of doing Roadside Free Prayer! We have seen thousands of people saved, thousands of people healed, and prayed for an untold number of people! The Lord never ceases to amaze us after all these years!

The roadside has been exploding here in Colorado! Just last Friday we had car after car stop for prayer! Karen and I had to split up to be able to pray for everyone! In years past this was a once in a while occurrence, BUT here in Colorado this has become almost the normal day out! We have seen a steady increase in people stopping since May 2018! Thank you to all of you who have partnered with us all these years!!


Recognized from Afar

Had to take our vehicle to the dealer today, almost 50 miles away, and get some work done. No one was more shocked than Emil when he checked in with a service writer who said to him, “Hey, weren’t you at the Veteran’s Rally in Cripple Creek?” Emil said, “Yeah, but actually I wasn’t at the rally–my wife and I were set up on the side of the road halfway to Cripple Creek.” He said, “That’s where I saw you! You were with the sign on the pull off! I remember seeing your orange banner when I came to the top of the hill. There was a motorcycle parked by you and you guys were praying for him. I thought that was the coolest thing ever!” He loved the idea of Free Prayer on the roadside! God is so amazing to have us all run into each other!

Busy Roadside This Week

We had several people stop this week on the roadside. Monday we were in Florissant, Tuesday and Wednesday on the new site toward Cripple Creek (we’re referring to it as Chapel Hill now). We were so busy that both of us were praying for separate individuals as one car pulled up while someone was already getting prayer. It was very exciting and the Lord did so much for each person. Lots of tears and praises flowed. We also had two large groups stop who were sightseeing and just wanted to let us know they loved what we’re doing! So lots of encouragement to us as well! Our roadside today is this afternoon so we are getting ready for it! We are usually out in the mornings but God knows when His divine appointment will be by!

Veterans Rally Ride Inspires

We sat out 3 days, August 17-19, along the route of the annual Veterans Rally in Cripple Creek. It was reported there were 5000 motorcycles in the ride Saturday which went right by our set-up site. It was inspiring and humbling to see so many veterans wave, honk and high-five us as they went by. Emil had attached a US flag to the banner, definitely a God idea. We got to pray with several people.