Revival Saturday!

The revival on our own acreage is this Saturday, Sept 24th! We’ve been looking forward to it for months and suddenly, it is upon us!!! We are excited about it and can’t wait to report on it! God has been planning this for almost 2 years when people began to comment to us that they saw a revival service on our property! So His timing is here! We appreciate your prayers that all goes smoothly and the people God wants to be here with be here and will respond to Him through it!

19th Anniversary today!

It’s our 19th anniversary today! The roadside ministry officially started September 12, 2003! We have had a lot of changes over the years, from a motorcycle and 2 camping chairs and a posterboard sign, to a motorcycle with a teardrop trailer and a banner, to an Impala pulling a porta-potty after we had to get rid of the motorcycle in Colorado, to our present day beautiful trailer! It’s been quite a ride!!! God is always awesome!

Orange City Revival

We were busy at the Orange City Iowa revival Saturday evening with people coming to the trailer for prayer, one after another, from before the service, throughout the service, and continuing after the service. There were many needs and God met them all! He is so good!

We love this picture, taken by a friend who was in the service. He looked out in time to see the sunset over the trailer. He said it looked like fire coming out of the vent!

Roadside and Revivals

We’ve been very busy this summer with Revival events! And they have been awesome! Our hearts are also on the roadside, however, and we were happy to be back out today, set up in Sioux Rapids on Hwy 71. Several people honked and waved! We plan to be out there regularly now. We have 3 revivals in Iowa through September, one this Saturday in Orange City, the next one September 10th in Spirit Lake, and the third one on our own acreage on September 24th! If you’re in the neighborhood, please come and bring your friends! It’s going to be a fantastic evening, experiencing God!

LuVerne Revival a Success

Many came to Jesus for the first time through the revival meetings, and healings and miracles happened as well–a woman was healed of lupus and another healed of MS! And in the Free Prayer trailer, we were busy, too! People came who had been used, abused, thrown away, accused, people whose relatives had been murdered, people who still carried the guilt of hard life-changing decisions made years ago, people with illnesses from mild to extreme. And after encountering Jesus, they left free—from physical conditions, from emotional scars, from mental torment! His love is like no other—it turns mourning into dancing! We can’t stop praising Him and lifting Him high!

More Revival!

Friday we set up the Free Prayer trailer in the middle of Alton, Iowa. It was the trial run for the solar panels which were installed just that morning, and they worked beautifully!!! We were out for over four hours and prayed for 6 people. One man asked where we go to church and he and his wife came to the Sunday service! This Friday through Sunday morning we will be set up in LuVerne, MN plus leading afternoon city outreaches Friday and Saturday. We are praying for the extreme heat forecasted to be spiritual, not physical—the fire of the Holy Spirit drawing people to Jesus and a cooldown of the projected 90+ degree temps with high humidity!


Last Friday night, July 1st, we set up the Free Prayer trailer at the Okoboji Revival sponsored by Activation Church in Orange City. Had a great turnout, incredible worship and fantastic speakers! We had a line waiting outside the trailer for most of the evening. We saw everything from God answering prayers for healing of a brain tumor, emotional issues, psychological issues, family problems, prayers of repentance, and one person came to the realization that he had never asked Jesus into his heart and did so right then! It was a wonderful evening with people from Activation Church joining us to pray for everyone who wanted prayer! God is teaching us a new word for 2022: WOW!!! All the way home, as we talked about the people who wanted prayer and the way God answered, we heard ourselves repeatedly saying, “WOW, Lord, You’re amazing!”

Field of Dreams Revival

We just returned from the 2-day Field of Dreams Revival in Dyersville. One of the pastors of our church, Activation Church in Orange City, hosted the event and invited us to participate. We set up the trailer at the best possible spot, between porta-potties and the ice cream truck! We ministered Saturday for 8 straight hours to 16 different people who were transformed and set free by the Lord through emotional and physical healing, deliverance and prophetic words! It was absolutely amazing! Because of this event, we have been invited to set up Free Prayer at 5 more events this summer plus 2 days at RAGBRAI (the annual bicycle ride across Iowa). We are excited and so grateful to God to be a part of His revival!

Happy Resurrection Day!

Friday afternoon Emil draped the cross for Good Friday. The winds have been so fierce here, the dark sky and wind seemed very appropriate. Thank You, Jesus, for loving us so much that You willingly died a brutal excruciating death, sacrificing Yourself to take our sins upon Yourself. This morning we awoke to a beautiful golden sunrise and draped the cross in gold and white. He is RISEN and SO ALIVE! Within a few hours, during worship at church, it began to snow—also very appropriate because when we receive Jesus’ forgiveness and ask Him into our hearts, our sins are washed whiter than snow. We pray for many many to receive His forgiveness this Day and spend the rest of their lives getting to know Him! He is GOOD!

Does That Make Sense?

There are a lot of things Christians receive that we don’t fully understand. Like a mark of Redemption. Many people don’t know what that means. Gifts to be able to hear. Many Christians don’t believe you can HEAR but it’s not that you actually audibly hear. Or that believers receive power. Much of the church doesn’t believe that! How about receiving a language that we may not fully understand? There are a lot of things of the Spirit that we just plain don’t understand. How can simply praying a prayer give us the right to go to heaven? How can simply asking to be forgiven wipe us clean of every sin we have or will ever commit? How can the most despicable person pray a prayer and be absolved of all his wrongdoing and be given the right to go to heaven while some of the sweetest people—kind, considerate, understanding—never found the need to pray the prayer and lose that right and spend eternity in hell? How does that make sense to us?

YET it seems the more in depth we go in the things of the Spirit, the more there comes a clarity that begins to make sense of that which doesn’t make sense! Does that make sense? It’s like when you tell a Christian who is seeking direction, “Why don’t you ask the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth, what’s the truth because He loves to tell the truth?” and they look at you like you have some marbles loose.

BOTTOM LINE: We don’t have to fully understand it to operate in it…but somehow through the Spirit, the more we operate in it, the more we understand it. That is called being led by the Spirit!