A Family Affair

Today on the roadside was incredible!!! God showed up in spectacular fashion!!!! A family stopped and The Lord read all of their mail from their 5 year old daughter, 8 year old son, 16 year old son, and the parents. The 8 year old even cried as God said he would heal people thru praying for them! The father had his deaf ear opened and back healed from years of pain!!! God is wonderfully wonderful!! The whole family cried and hugged as they got ready to leave! We were with them on the roadside for 2 hours as The Holy Spirit lit up each family member one by one!! Thank You Lord!!


Luke 10:42  “But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part”

Clearly Martha chose to be troubled and worried. What is the good part Mary chose? To stop and sit and hear the words of the Lord. When we get distracted, worried and troubled we need to choose to stop and sit and read God’s word, listen to His word. Then we will have peace and God will show us what to do.

Server’s Leg Grows Out

Went to a restaurant yesterday with out-of-town company and our server had a knee brace on. He was limping and walking very painfully. The Lord said to me (Emil), “Ask him if you could have 30 seconds to pray for his knee so I can heal him.” I approached the guy and said, “I notice you have a knee brace on and you seem to be in a lot of pain. I know you’re really busy but if you give me 30 seconds, I’ll pray for you and the Lord will heal you.” He smacked me on the shoulder and said, “Let’s do it!” The Lord said, “His leg is shorter than the other. Grow it out!” I had him sit down and his leg was off by almost an inch. I prayed for him and it grew out! The guy said, “It feels great!” The rest of the time he was walking quickly back and forth and seemed to have no pain whatsoever. As we were leaving, he shook my hand and said, “Thank you so much!”

Evacuees Are Getting Prayer

Emil and his brother Allan have been on the roadside for two hours now and he just called me with an update. Many people have stopped affected by the High Chateau fire and the Weston fire south of us. One man in tears was just evacuating from the house his father had left him when he died a few months ago. They got to pray with him, and all who stop are thanking them for being out there to pray for them. Tons of thumbs up, honks and waves.

Fire in the Sky

We got to pray for several people over the weekend! We all gather together for fire updates and also to see firsthand the fire which is about 5 miles from us. You get to see people at their lowest points! People ask us, “How do you know what to say? How do you know what to pray?” It’s easy–we are just praying what we ourselves are feeling and experiencing as we too are in this! Use what your experiences are at that moment and use it as a time to bless others. When you’re afraid, pray for others AS you too are afraid! Then you get to pray with experience!!

A Developing Pattern

In the nearly 15 years of doing the roadside ministry, we had someone stop once in Arizona when we first started who said he felt he was supposed to pray for us and we never forgot how great that felt. It hasn’t happened since, but in the last week, three separate couples have stopped on three different days and said, “The Lord told us to stop and pray for you!” Without us even voicing any needs, all three prayed the exact same thing: for protection and increased finances! It makes us wonder what battles the Lord is fighting on our behalf. It’s very humbling to have the Lord use people we’ve never met to lift us up and we are so grateful for their obedience. It’s also interesting that each time, as they prayed for us, the Holy Spirit downloaded a word for them and cut right to the heart of things with which they were dealing. He blesses us all without any of us needing to speak out a prayer request! Wow, this is a new thing!

New Site

We sat out on our new site yesterday! Tons of traffic at that intersection. No one stopped but it takes a few days to see us out before they will. We are going back out there today! Friday a family of 3 generations stopped to pray for us! They said an awesome prayer and then Emil had a word for the mom which both she and the grandmother said was absolutely right on in every way. Ty, Lord, for their hearts of love and for giving back to the mom a healed heart!


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A Ride to Find a Place to Preside!

We were on the roadside this morning and afterward felt we were to take a drive and God would light up more set-up spots.  We found two: one at the intersection of Hwy 24 and SR67, just outside of Divide, SR67 leading to Cripple Creek and Hwy 24 leading to Florissant and beyond. It’s a church parking lot  which has great visibility from all 4 sides. Emil has a call in to the pastor to ask him about it.  Please pray he calls and approves us! The second one is on SR67, a huge pull-out with an old small abandoned building at one end which has a cross on top! It is a perfect place to set up when there are special events in Cripple Creek, such as when Colorado’s largest procession of motorcycles takes that route to the annual Salute to American Veterans Rally August 17th.