This Week’s Devotion

January 23 – 30, 2021


Matthew 28:19 “‘Go…and make disciples of all nations…’” (NKJV)

Being a Christian = Being Called. God has given us all a clear mandate to share Him and His Word with those who have not heard. Jesus calls us to make a radical commitment to full-time Christian service when we become His followers. How can that be? It’s simple: Christianity is a lifestyle. It’s a passion. It’s commitment to Jesus and to the call.

Missionary and Bible smuggler Brother Andrew writes in The Calling, “To live as a true member of Christ’s church is not a hobby or something to do in spare time. It is very life! You begin to see the world, and your part in it, with different eyes. [God opens doors] to serve Him in ways you never thought possible.”

Do you doubt your qualifications to be called by the Lord? Look at Acts 4:13-14, “Now when they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” Their only qualification? They had been WITH JESUS! Have you been with Jesus? Then you qualify!

We may hesitate to answer God’s call because we don’t feel we can produce the desired results, but God simply asks us to be obedient and leave the results to Him. Our REAL calling is to everyday obedience. In Radically Obedient, Radically Blessed, Lysa TerKeurst writes, “Radical obedience is hearing from God, feeling His nudges, participating in His activity, and experiencing His blessings in ways few people ever do.” God will lead us to the people He wants to reach. Our message may not be well received, and we may have to face consequences. Wherever we proclaim the Lordship of Jesus, the forces of evil jump into action and the spiritual battle intensifies. We are all part of a plan much greater than ourselves. We pay a price to serve Him. It may be a sacrifice of personal dreams, goals, ambitions, physical comforts. It may be hostility from others. We are warned to count the cost because if we can’t pay it, we can’t be His disciples (Luke 14:33).

This is an excerpt from a 90-day devotional written by Emil and Karen. To order the full devotional, click on the DEVOTIONAL FUNDRAISER page.