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0-100, Smiling to Full-Blown Demon

A woman stopped this week, got out of her car all smiles, but when Emil asked her a question, in the speed of 0-100, she manifested, full-blown! Yelling, screaming, swearing for it seemed like 5 minutes. “This is all you do? You think this is enough, parking your little trailer out here? You need to be out there, doing more to help people!” Karen tried speaking to her but she looked at Karen and yelled, “Don’t tell me I don’t have an intimate relationship with God!” and then turned back to Emil to yell some more. At that point, Karen stepped in between her and Emil and took the woman’s hand, told the woman to look her in the eye, and gently repeated everything she had said, that God loves her, He’s FOR her, He wants to help her, and then asked the woman what she heard that said she didn’t have an intimate relationship with Him? The woman immediately calmed down and stopped manifesting. Then we cast that thing out! After that, the woman apologized profusely for the outburst. We were able to minister to her broken and hurting heart, and she left hugging us and saying how much she loved us!

God’s Favor

On March 26th, our state was put under the Stay-At-Home order, as many of yours have been. We couldn’t imagine that God would want us off the roadside at this time so Emil went to the Sheriff’s Department the next morning to present a plan according to new regulations. The deputy he talked with had seen us many times on the roadside and agreed that we needed to be out there for people. She said our ministry falls under essential services and gave us the go-ahead to stay out! The approval was forwarded to the State Police as well. The next day we were out with our new set-up: people had to remain in their cars and we had to be 6′ from their window! It’s worked fantastically, and every person who stops is grateful we’re out. We are so happy to lead people to the Prince of Peace for the first time! Thank You, Lord, for your continued favor!!!

Back on the Roadside

We took a short break after the passing of Emil’s father November 6th. When we returned to the roadside the next week, people immediately stopped, saying they had been looking for us. We got to minister to several people and there hasn’t been a boring moment out there! Now we are experiencing a snowstorm, but anticipate being back out Sunday morning.

Roadside Explosion!

The roadside has exploded this month. Multiple people at a time have been stopping with issues ranging from grief from loss of loved ones to marriages on the brink of divorce, people in desperate need of guidance from the Lord to people who just want to stop and thank us for providing the service of Free Prayer! We come in every day tired but joyful! Thank You, Lord, for all You do–for the salvations, for the healing of broken hearts and marriages, for the encouragement and direction You provide!

Great New Spot

We are loving the new spot we are setting up on almost daily now. We have had up to 11 people stop for ministry and prayer. The state police, sheriff’s department and local police have all approved for us to be there, and a few have stopped by to say hi and to keep up the good work! Thank You, Lord!

Roadside Very Busy May

The roadside has been very busy this month! We are happy to have had a couple of college students join us two different days to experience it! Sunday a woman pulled in by the trailer and jumped out of her car, crying and saying, “I am so grateful that you are out here today! I need prayer! When I turned the corner and saw FREE PRAYER, I knew you were here for me!”

Mark 16:20 Confirmed!

Mark 16:20 NIV Then the Disciples went out and preached everywhere and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it!

I came for healing and she hobbled out of her car. How did she even know we believe in healing? God!!! She had pain in her knee, Hip, Back, and her shoulders. She said she was in pain all the time! The Lord said, She has a broken heart! A man very early in her life spoke very damaging words continuously to her. Because of that she doesn’t see any worth or value in her life. Also that she doesn’t think that I (God) think anything of her other than disappointment! As we addressed these things in her life she cried and cried as she agreed with what the Holy Spirit was saying to her! We prayed and the Lord healed everything from within her to the outside of her!

We had a man stop totally stoned off his gourd! He slurred his words, staggered, cursing, and leaned against the hood of his truck so he wouldn’t fall down. He stunk so strongly of pot as well as a desperate need of a bath, so bad our eyes were literally watering as we talked to him. He had a blown out back for the last 40 years, he was hooked on drugs, and he cursed everyone and everything. As the Lord began to download to us about this man and we began to share it with him, he became more and more quiet! As he realized he wasn’t saved, he began to listen and to cry! As he made the decision to receive the Lord into his heart and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he changed before our eyes!! He sobered up completely! All the smell around him of pot and the need of a bath LEFT! Then we prayed for his back and he was totally healed! He said I didn’t mention this to you but when I got hurt in my back I lost all feeling in all my fingertips! Now I have all the feeling in my fingers back! Jesus thank You For loving and healing the broken hearted!

Recognized Again

We were able to set up Free Prayer in our favorite Florissant spot this week! It was good to be back where the banner (and porta potty) had gained such recognition last year and many people had stopped. We noticed that the locals are beginning to recognize us now in the trailer — and many were honking and waving. A county commissioner pulled in, rolling down his window and laughing, and said, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this! Could I take a picture of your trailer?” “Sure!” He snapped a couple of pix and chatted a few minutes and then said he had to run to a meeting.

The Lord Said, “Go Home!”

Yesterday when we were set up on the roadside at Denny’s, I had noticed six cars that pulled halfway into the parking lot. Every time a car pulled halfway onto the parking lot apron, it would stop and either back out and drive on or stop and make a U-turn and pull out and go the other direction. This happened throughout the time we were there. Then I heard the Lord say, “Ok, time to go home!” We had only been out for an hour and 45 minutes and I said, “But Lord, should we at least stay until 1:00 like you told Karen?” He said, “Sure.” So I asked Him, “Why are we packing up so soon?” He said, “The people that I told to stop chose not to and went on down the road instead.” We began locking up the cabinets and all of a sudden, I felt a huge amount of grief welling up in my stomach and coming all the way up. I felt myself begin to tear up and I realized I was feeling God’s grief. I asked, “Lord, what if these people come back? WE won’t be here.” He said, “Doesn’t my Word say to seek the Lord while He may be found? [Isaiah 55:6] They chose not to stop and not to be set free, which is why I had you here at this place at this time.” As I stood in the trailer, overwhelmed with grief, I began to sob and said, “Lord, did you say person or people?” He said, “People. I had many people whom I called to stop today to get delivered and set free. But not one of them stopped. They all chose to go down the road instead. Now go home.” All the way home I could feel God grieving over these people and I realized He knew they were not coming back. God had us there at that place and at that time just for them, but they were not willing. In 15 years on the roadside and in many states across the US, this is the first time we have ever had this experience of the grief that God has when people CHOOSE (and that was the word He kept using–they CHOSE) not to obey His promptings. How great is the love of God that He would have us at the right place at the right time to intersect six cars of people to show them how much He loves them and how much He wants to set them free.

New Site

We discovered a great new site and went out Tuesday for 3 hours. No one stopped but we were encouraged by the good reception. We will post pictures and the full story next week.

We lost our beloved nearly 12-year old cat, Moose, to cancer unexpectedly Wednesday and we are working through the grieving process with the Lord. We will be back on the roadside next week.