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Heat Wave!

We’ve been experiencing a heat wave here for the past two weeks. The end is in sight–Monday! We’re happy for our main floor air conditioning and for window fans upstairs which help keep it bearable to sleep. We will need to invest in some typing of portable air conditioner, though, for the extremely humid season in July and August! However, this has not kept us off the roadside where we have actually had a few people brave the heat to get out of their vehicles and come into the trailer! We are more widely-recognized since we have been out regularly this month, receiving honks and waves and thumbs-up. Please pray that those who are being drawn by the Lord so He can talk to them will stop!

Going Out Monday!

We had another snowfall that put off our going out after our last post! However, the warmer weather is going to start again tomorrow and we expect to go out Monday! No snow in the forecast! We are anxious to park, put down the ramp and turn on our “Open” sign!


It’s been warm the last few days, above 30 degrees!!! It’s going to be 31 degrees today! The snow is melting, leaving mud and puddles in its place…until the next snowfall that is! Spring has not sprung, I’m sure, although it definitely feels like it! We were officially approved to use the site we mentioned February 4th. The State Police and Sheriff gave us enthusiastic approval to be there. The site is the pull-off/driveway of a Christian radio station tower, within sight of our house, on Hwy 71, right where we want to be. The radio station is also enthusiastic about our being there. The only block to our setting up has been the huge ice/snow drift blocking the driveway, but with this “warm” weather, we’re keeping an eye on the melting process!

0-100, Smiling to Full-Blown Demon

A woman stopped this week, got out of her car all smiles, but when Emil asked her a question, in the speed of 0-100, she manifested, full-blown! Yelling, screaming, swearing for it seemed like 5 minutes. “This is all you do? You think this is enough, parking your little trailer out here? You need to be out there, doing more to help people!” Karen tried speaking to her but she looked at Karen and yelled, “Don’t tell me I don’t have an intimate relationship with God!” and then turned back to Emil to yell some more. At that point, Karen stepped in between her and Emil and took the woman’s hand, told the woman to look her in the eye, and gently repeated everything she had said, that God loves her, He’s FOR her, He wants to help her, and then asked the woman what she heard that said she didn’t have an intimate relationship with Him? The woman immediately calmed down and stopped manifesting. Then we cast that thing out! After that, the woman apologized profusely for the outburst. We were able to minister to her broken and hurting heart, and she left hugging us and saying how much she loved us!

God’s Favor

On March 26th, our state was put under the Stay-At-Home order, as many of yours have been. We couldn’t imagine that God would want us off the roadside at this time so Emil went to the Sheriff’s Department the next morning to present a plan according to new regulations. The deputy he talked with had seen us many times on the roadside and agreed that we needed to be out there for people. She said our ministry falls under essential services and gave us the go-ahead to stay out! The approval was forwarded to the State Police as well. The next day we were out with our new set-up: people had to remain in their cars and we had to be 6′ from their window! It’s worked fantastically, and every person who stops is grateful we’re out. We are so happy to lead people to the Prince of Peace for the first time! Thank You, Lord, for your continued favor!!!

Back on the Roadside

We took a short break after the passing of Emil’s father November 6th. When we returned to the roadside the next week, people immediately stopped, saying they had been looking for us. We got to minister to several people and there hasn’t been a boring moment out there! Now we are experiencing a snowstorm, but anticipate being back out Sunday morning.

Roadside Explosion!

The roadside has exploded this month. Multiple people at a time have been stopping with issues ranging from grief from loss of loved ones to marriages on the brink of divorce, people in desperate need of guidance from the Lord to people who just want to stop and thank us for providing the service of Free Prayer! We come in every day tired but joyful! Thank You, Lord, for all You do–for the salvations, for the healing of broken hearts and marriages, for the encouragement and direction You provide!

Great New Spot

We are loving the new spot we are setting up on almost daily now. We have had up to 11 people stop for ministry and prayer. The state police, sheriff’s department and local police have all approved for us to be there, and a few have stopped by to say hi and to keep up the good work! Thank You, Lord!

Roadside Very Busy May

The roadside has been very busy this month! We are happy to have had a couple of college students join us two different days to experience it! Sunday a woman pulled in by the trailer and jumped out of her car, crying and saying, “I am so grateful that you are out here today! I need prayer! When I turned the corner and saw FREE PRAYER, I knew you were here for me!”