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Free Prayer at Missouri River Expo

We had an amazing time in Ponca, Nebraska Saturday and Sunday! We had eight people stop and saw two people get backs and knees miraculously healed! One lady had been in a serious car accident and she left with absolutely no pain for the first time in years! One lady who had been abused as a child left completely free! All the voices in her head were gone! A pastor from a church in Vermilion South Dakota joined us and sat out and prayed and now he wants us to come do this in South Dakota. Thank you Lord!

Lives Transformed Before Our Eyes

Incredible day at the Free Prayer Center! Over 40 demons cast out today! We love watching Jesus transform lives before our very eyes.  Absolutely amazing!! Center closes at 5pm but we didn’t leave till 8pm doing ministry. Thank You Jesus! He brought to life Isaiah 61 binding up the broken hearted!! One person today gave their heart to Jesus!!

Doctor Has No Reason to Doubt

The man who was healed of stuttering and shaking brought in the letter from his doctor today stating his complete healing! He said he would love for us to post on Facebook the picture of him with the letter as well as to hang it up in the Center because he wants God to get all the glory for his healing! The last line of the letter says “Galen credits this healing to intervention from God – I have no reason to doubt that this is the case!” Awesome!

Incredible God

A man stopped in the Free Prayer Center.  He severely stuttered and his arms and hands greatly shook from his elbows all the way down to his fingertips continuously. God miraculously healed him! When he left he spoke perfectly and his body was at complete rest!! Holy Spirit you are amazing! John 5:15 says, “the man went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus who made him well!” I love seeing the Bible come alive firsthand!! The man returned three days later after having just been to a doctor appointment.  He didn’t want to tell her–he wanted her to see it for herself. “She asked me how I was doing and as I sat there calmly without shaking and telling her without stuttering she put both hands over her mouth and just stared at me!” Then she said to him, “What happened to you? You were so bad when you left here on Friday!”  He said, “Jesus healed me!” She said, “I know you experienced a miracle because we had no idea how to treat you!”  We serve a great great God! Thank YOU Jesus!

New Free Prayer Center Open!

Well, our new Free Prayer Center is open! Thankfully, it was very clean when we took possession so we only have to paint! And our Open sign is on while we’re working! Bring in the people you are drawing, Lord! Today no work because we are in the middle of a blizzard but tomorrow we’ll be at the center again!IMG_1419 IMG_1536

Divine Encounter at Pizza Ranch Today

At Pizza Ranch in Pocahontas today we noticed that one of the waitresses had been around our table several times. A couple of times she asked if she could take our plates and then she very slowly removed them. She obviously wanted to talk so the third time she stopped, we all said hi to her. She said hi and then turned to Emil and said, “What’s your name?” He told her, then she pointed to his big cross earring and said it was really beautiful. He thanked her and she continued to stand there.  God was up to something so Emil asked if she was a Christian and she said yes, then he felt the Lord said to ask her where she goes to church. She said she stopped going when her mom passed away last March. When asked why, she said her mom lived in a nursing home and the last time she had visited her was Christmas Day 2014. Her mom did some things that greatly embarrassed her that day and she had not gone back to see her. She felt very guilty because her mom died 3 months later. We got to talk with her about forgiving herself and releasing the guilt because the Lord had already forgiven her. After listening intently, she brightened and smiled and said she would. The Lord said to ask her if she wakes up on Sunday mornings thinking about going to church, missing it, wanting to go? She said, “Yes all the time. I really miss it. But I don’t want to go alone.” We introduced her to the friend with us who told her about the great church she attends nearby and encouraged her to come with her. She became very excited and said she would love to come this Sunday. They made arrangements and then Emil said, “I just heard the Lord say that He’s very proud of you. Do you know that?” She shook her head no.  Emil said, “Well, He really is. He’s proud of you and He loves you very much.” We all agreed and encouraged her in His love and she thanked us. When she left our table, she had a huge grin on her face.  God is always working even when we don’t realize it. We just need to open our spiritual eyes and be willing to love whomever He brings in our path!

RAGBRAI Feedback

DirecTV guy came to relocate our dish the other day. We were talking when he finished and he said, “Hey, I saw you! You and your wife were praying for people all through RAGBRAI and I was riding in it!” He thought it was really cool. He said he saw us every day when he rode into a new town for the night. He asked if a lot of people stopped so I got to share some of what God did! God is so awesome. You never know who you’ll touch when you take Jesus out of the church.

We did it! Seven days of RAGBRAI!

We didn’t do a good job of posting here on our website along the route of the 7-day, 980-mile ministry trip. We experienced some discouragement along the way but ended up praying for so many people that we lost track! And for those moments of discouragement, God ALWAYS provided immediate encouragement through the many, many people who called out that they liked our shirts or stopped by to talk about the ministry. For a day-to-day report, please sign up for our newsletter under the “Contact Us” tab. We will be emailing it out today!