Going Out Monday!

We had another snowfall that put off our going out after our last post! However, the warmer weather is going to start again tomorrow and we expect to go out Monday! No snow in the forecast! We are anxious to park, put down the ramp and turn on our “Open” sign!


It’s been warm the last few days, above 30 degrees!!! It’s going to be 31 degrees today! The snow is melting, leaving mud and puddles in its place…until the next snowfall that is! Spring has not sprung, I’m sure, although it definitely feels like it! We were officially approved to use the site we mentioned February 4th. The State Police and Sheriff gave us enthusiastic approval to be there. The site is the pull-off/driveway of a Christian radio station tower, within sight of our house, on Hwy 71, right where we want to be. The radio station is also enthusiastic about our being there. The only block to our setting up has been the huge ice/snow drift blocking the driveway, but with this “warm” weather, we’re keeping an eye on the melting process!

Whose report?

Don’t be among those who feed more on the world’s report than on God’s report. Will you join the fearful–those filled with discouragement and trapped in a negative mindset, echoing the world’s doom and gloom? Or will you be like the believer who declares, “We are certainly not those who are held back by fear and perish; we are among those who have faith and experience truth life!” (Heb 10:39 TPT)

– paraphrased from Vikki Burke article

Preliminary Approval

We have received preliminary approval on a site on which to set up Free Prayer! We are excited! We need to get State Police approval before the owner will give us full approval. Right now, there is a foot or more of snow blocking the pull-out! But that can easily be removed!

Hope Deferred Prayer

Have you been experiencing hopelessness, discouragement, doubt, disillusionment? If so, join us in this prayer by CeCe Sheets. Father, we thank You that You know our hearts even when we can’t see clearly. Your love for us never changes. Even when we seem to lose hope and don’t know what to say to You, we know that You are faithful. You are our peace, the One who heals our hearts, the One Who has power over all, strong, mighty, but full of compassion. I choose to believe Your truths that You watch over me, You are good, faithful, merciful, You cannot lie, You’re my Strong Tower, my Refuge, and my Strength. Lord, I ask You for Your peace and Your strength. I trust that You hold my times and my seasons in Your hands. Today I choose to run into Your loving arms and allow Your wrap-around presence to comfort and sustain me.  Lord, we will not waver in our faith but choose to stand firm, believing Your truths. We hold onto Your promises. We choose to be Your instruments of love and compassion while carrying the torches of truth and justice. Breathe Your hope across our hearts today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

9 Weeks, 3 Blizzards, Fierce Winds of Change

We will be here in Iowa 9 weeks this Saturday! Since Christmas week, we have experienced 3 blizzards, white-out conditions during which we truly felt isolated even though we can normally see Hwy 71 across the empty corn field behind us! The winds in these blizzards have been fierce–and even on most “normal” days, they have still been strong and constant. Winds of change!!! As God spoke to Emil the other day: “It will seem like it’s very bad but it’s very good!” Something is happening and God is moving! And it’s going to be very, very good! So hang onto the Lord because He’s up to something right now!

Move Complete!

We have been terribly remiss in keeping this page up to date since we became wrapped up in move mode from Colorado to Iowa. I apologize for this. We did send out two newsletters and if you would like to have a copy to catch up with what’s been going on, please sign up on the Contact Us tab.

Moving to Iowa!

The Lord told us about 2 months ago that He is moving us and the ministry to Iowa! We have about a house there, in Sioux Rapids, and sold our house here. Our moving date is November 20th, possibly earlier. Details are in our latest newsletter. If you would like to receive our newsletter, sign up at the page entitled “Contact Us”!


We were out of town over the weekend and couldn’t update This Week’s Devotion until today. If you looked for it Saturday, we apologize. We now have the issue fixed so that we can update it when we are out of town!

Iowa Trip

We just returned from a week in Storm Lake, Iowa, where we caught up with many friends and had several ministry appointments, ministering to around 20 people. God is good! We will be back on the Colorado roadside Monday. We were not able to post a new Saturday devotion from Iowa but watch for a new devotion this Saturday, August 15th.