Accept, Expect, Expedite

We’ve been asking and praying about what we are going to be doing here, BWB-ministry-wise.  The Lord told Karen, “Rest, relax, enjoy the journey–there’s a lot to see.” We feel that’s not just the scenery but the needs around us. And to Emil He said, “Accept, expect, expedite. Accept where you are, expect Me to do great things, and when it’s time, I will expedite it!” And Emil feels that word is not just for us but for anyone who’s willing to accept and do the things God is calling us all to do.


BWB Ministries is moving to Colorado a week from TOMORROW!!! We are in the midst of everything involved with moving, including packing. Please pray for us that every minute of these next days until we pull out the 20th in the moving truck will be used effectively and efficiently! To follow up on the last post, our house sold the day it was put on the market! We drove to Colorado Springs the next week and found an apartment in Woodland Park (the location of Andrew Wommack’s Charis Bible College). We are sad as we say goodbyes to all our beloved friends here in Iowa and we are excited as we anticipate what God has in store for us and the ministry.

What a Difference Two Weeks Makes

It’s been two weeks since our last post and since then, our lives have turned upside down! We are moving the ministry to Colorado Springs in about 5 weeks! Emil will be working at Andrew Wommack Ministries to supplement the ministry income. At this time, our Free Prayer focus is Manitou Springs, about which God has been speaking to us for several months but it didn’t dawn on us that He was moving us there until recently!  God has been working out all the details amazingly, of course–He is a big BIG God and He knew this was coming! Please pray for our home to sell quickly and for us to find affordable housing there! More to come…

Pastors Meeting

We met with a group of pastors Friday who want to see the Kingdom advanced and come in power in Northern Iowa. It was a low-key meet-and-greet for the first meeting. We each talked about our life passion and our vision for the kingdom. The object is to pool everyone’s giftings to see how that could facilitate revival and Kingdom advancement through demonstration of power. It was a great meeting of like-minded people and great to hear everyone’s stories and share our hearts. We were happy to give and receive ministry, prayer and prophetic words. Looking forward to meeting again in June and seeing what God’s plans are for the group.

Busy February

We preached at 3 churches in February, two with the message on the Enormity of God and one with the message of Victory. Both messages were very well-received. At two of the churches, God followed the message with words of knowledge, wisdom, prophecy and healings. TY, Lord!

God is Enormous!

Emil received a word at church Christmas Sunday morning. Part of it is the word God wants to get out in 2017. He said, “This is the year I am going to reveal to you My enormity and you are going to realize I have been way way too small. I am not the baby in the manger anymore. I’m an enormous God so hold tight, because here I come!” Thank You, Lord! Then He gave Emil a sermon to go along with it and to preach everywhere doors open! He preached it the first time last Sunday at a local church and will again this Sunday at the church we go to, then next Sunday at another Iowa church, again in March in Colorado, and just got scheduled in June at another Iowa church. Very exciting to see what God is going to do as people embrace His enormity and strength on THEIR behalf!

Christmas Blessings

We pray you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior! We enjoyed family and friends and a joyous church service! We also were blessed by several donations toward the Free Prayer Center over the weekend, bringing our total received + pledged to $7,565! Only $1,435 away from reaching our $9,000 goal! God is good! AND He is BIG! Emil had a word at church about the enormity of God, encouraging people to embrace His enormity in 2017!