What road and what time, Lord?!

We’ve prayed for 8 people and talked to several others since Emil’s last day at work on May 2nd, many from wearing our Free Prayer shirts. But yesterday we received the go-ahead from the sheriff’s department that we can set up on any public roadside that’s safe for us and traffic. Thank You, Lord! Monday we found several spots so now we just start asking daily, “What road and what time, Lord?” We’re excited!

“You got guts!”

Prayed for 2 women at the food outreach in Manitou Springs today plus broke up a screaming match between two women in line and Emil talked to each of them separately about forgiveness and the love of Jesus. Both calmed down and thanked him. Then went to Walmart and a guy walked up and said, “You gotta lot of guts to wear a shirt like that!” Asked if he needed prayer and he said yes! The Holy Spirit read his mail and afterward he said “Wow! That was freaky! Everything you prayed was right on the money!” God is so good!

Dream Interpretation

We were asked by a guy at our church if we would do a Dream Interpretation booth with him at a New Age gathering coming up. We will tell people it is done through the power of the Holy Spirit. Details to come. Reaching those who are searching for the One they don’t know they are searching for. We’re looking to make Jesus famous again in the USA.

Full Time Ministry as of May 4!

Emil’s last day at work was Wednesday. We are now officially in full-time ministry again! God opened opportunities for us on Thursday and Friday.  We will have details in our newsletter next week.

Today we wore our Free Prayer shirts to a festival in Canon City, about an hour from us, and had a couple of conversations while there! It feels good to be doing what we know God called us to do.

We are still actively fundraising to raise our partner base. Please check out our Fundraising Meter page for updates on our progress.

Roadside Free Prayer Full Time in 2 Weeks!

We are excited to announce that we will be back doing Roadside Free Prayer FULL TIME in 2 weeks! The Lord told us it is time and that the time is urgent. The Lord spoke clearly to Emil, “It’s time to quit your job and go full time back to doing Free Prayer!” And we had several confirmations. So yesterday, he gave his 2 week notice at work. May 2nd will be his last day. We have started a fundraising campaign to build up our support base which decreased dramatically with our move from Iowa to Colorado last year. If you would like to partner with us financially, there is a Donate button on the Fundraising Meter page, or  you may contact us directly to become a monthly supporter on our Contact Us page!

Moving Month

We have been engrossed in packing up our apartment this month. Our house loan closes tomorrow and we will begin doing some things in the house while moving small things over this weekend. The final part of moving is our furniture, which will be moved next Saturday, March 3rd. We’ll be back with updates then!

“Friends” Discourage Man from His Calling

When Emil was getting his hair cut, every time he looked in the mirror he saw the next man waiting and God began to give Emil words about him. After praying for an opening, the woman cutting his hair began telling the man about the first time she cut Emil’s hair and the Lord gave him words for him about her life and prophesied over her. The man said to Emil, “Hey, if God tells you anything about me, please tell me! I’ve never gotten a word like that!” Pretty good opening, right? So Emil told the man that God said he had a strong gift but he is constantly discouraged by “friends.” God told him to stay away from those friends and make a commitment to do the things God is calling him to do! After receiving much more love and encouragement from God, the man joyfully embraced his calling. When Emil anointed him, he laughed and cried and said, “I’m ready! I’m not going to run any more.” For the full story in our hot-off-the-press newsletter, go to our “Contact Us” page.

Opportunities to Show God’s Love

We all have opportunities to show God’s love! Four recent ones that we had are in our most recent newsletter, sent out today, hot off the press! One was about a business phone call during which the man on the other end of the line mentioned he didn’t feel well so we got to pray and one was about a Walmart greeter with whom we  shared a way to hear God that has been “foolproof” for us! If you would like to receive our e-newsletter, please sign up on the “Contact Us” page.

God Describes Man’s Life from 8 Years Old to Today in 2 Minutes!

A man called for prayer and was introducing himself when the Holy Spirit began to download to Emil about this man and in two minutes, the Lord totally read this man’s mail and he was in tears and agreeing with everything God said. Emil ministered the love of Jesus to him and he was totally set free! God is so awesome and incredible and never stops amazing us at how He ministers to people to break down the walls around their hearts to set them free!

Legs Grown Out

Our July 27th newsletter had the story of Emil praying for his boss Margarita after the Lord told him that she had one leg shorter than the other and He wanted to heal her.  Emil prayed and she was healed and she was so excited she took the lift out of her shoe and took it to her chiropractor to show him what God had done! Recently one of her bosses found Emil and said he had just come from the same chiropractor who told him one leg is shorter than the other and to go back to work and find the guy who prayed for Margarita! Sure enough, his leg grew out and he took the lift out of his shoe, too! God is so cool!!!