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BWB Turns 15 Years Old

This Wednesday September 12th is our 15th Anniversary of doing Roadside Free Prayer! We have seen thousands of people saved, thousands of people healed, and prayed for an untold number of people! The Lord never ceases to amaze us after all these years!

The roadside has been exploding here in Colorado! Just last Friday we had car after car stop for prayer! Karen and I had to split up to be able to pray for everyone! In years past this was a once in a while occurrence, BUT here in Colorado this has become almost the normal day out! We have seen a steady increase in people stopping since May 2018! Thank you to all of you who have partnered with us all these years!!


Recognized from Afar

Had to take our vehicle to the dealer today, almost 50 miles away, and get some work done. No one was more shocked than Emil when he checked in with a service writer who said to him, “Hey, weren’t you at the Veteran’s Rally in Cripple Creek?” Emil said, “Yeah, but actually I wasn’t at the rally–my wife and I were set up on the side of the road halfway to Cripple Creek.” He said, “That’s where I saw you! You were with the sign on the pull off! I remember seeing your orange banner when I came to the top of the hill. There was a motorcycle parked by you and you guys were praying for him. I thought that was the coolest thing ever!” He loved the idea of Free Prayer on the roadside! God is so amazing to have us all run into each other!

Busy Roadside This Week

We had several people stop this week on the roadside. Monday we were in Florissant, Tuesday and Wednesday on the new site toward Cripple Creek (we’re referring to it as Chapel Hill now). We were so busy that both of us were praying for separate individuals as one car pulled up while someone was already getting prayer. It was very exciting and the Lord did so much for each person. Lots of tears and praises flowed. We also had two large groups stop who were sightseeing and just wanted to let us know they loved what we’re doing! So lots of encouragement to us as well! Our roadside today is this afternoon so we are getting ready for it! We are usually out in the mornings but God knows when His divine appointment will be by!

Veterans Rally Ride Inspires

We sat out 3 days, August 17-19, along the route of the annual Veterans Rally in Cripple Creek. It was reported there were 5000 motorcycles in the ride Saturday which went right by our set-up site. It was inspiring and humbling to see so many veterans wave, honk and high-five us as they went by. Emil had attached a US flag to the banner, definitely a God idea. We got to pray with several people.

Claiming Chapel for Year Round FP

Please pray with us that we would be granted access to the ramshackle chapel in the background of this picture. It has been on this pullout for over 20 years and we’re told has been unused for many years. We believe it could be our Year Round Free Prayer center and are praying for God to bring it about!

New Spot Confirmed!

Today we tried out our new spot on SH 67, seven miles south of Hwy 24 in Divide, Colorado, where we will be set up for the next 3 days during the 2018 Salute to American Veterans Rally in Cripple Creek. We were both feeling a bit unsettled and could feel the spiritual warfare against us. We had just prayed that God would confirm that the spot was safe and where He wanted us to be when a Teller County truck pulled in and a guy jumped out. We prayed for favor under our breath, and he came right over to us with his arms straight out to his side and a big grin on his face, “Free Prayer?! Who wouldn’t want Free Prayer????” And sure enough, he asked us to pray for him. When we finished, he had tears in his eyes and said, “Only God would give you the things you just prayed. Everything you prayed was spot on and there’s no way you would know what’s going on in my family and my life.” He stayed at least a half an hour and was pleased when we told him he was our confirmation! He loved our porta potty trailer and said it shows people how committed we are to be out if we would go so far as to drag a porta potty along! He was a great encouragement in every way and we look forward to seeing him again!

A Productive Day Due to Lengthened Stay!

Today was an amazing day on the roadside! We were set up just outside of Florissant. For five hours straight we had people literally waiting one after the other the entire time! We were so thankful for our porta potty trailer! As we would finish praying with one person and they would stand up, the next car would pull in! So many incredible things and one lady even stopped to give us a praise report from prayer she received from us three weeks ago that God miraculously answered! God is amazing! 

Divine Appointment in Midst of Human Complications!

Thank you for praying! During Emil’s back-and-forth discussions with the woman at the porta potty company about the rider, she commented twice, “We’re just going to plead the blood of Jesus over that unit that nothing can happen to it while you and your wife have it!” So cool! She loves our ministry and asked Emil where we set up and said she’ll watch for us and stop! That was a huge praise that came out of all this!!! God has His divine appointments in the midst of human complications!!! The rider issue got resolved late this afternoon and we will pick up the unit Friday morning and post a pic!