In the beginning…God dispels emptiness and darkness

I started reading the Bible again from the beginning, Genesis chapter 1. The thing that really stuck out to me this time is that the first thing God did when He began creation of the heavens and earth is that He dispelled the darkness and He got rid of the emptiness! God is not a God who wants us to live in darkness and emptiness! Satan wants us to live life where it seems like the darkness has overwhelmed us and emptiness has become our best friend! Don’t allow Satan to take you there! Instead call on the loving God and Creator of all heaven and earth! Call His resurrection life into your life! To dispel your darkness and to bring in his light! Satan wants us to feel alone, discouraged and abandoned. But God brings life and life more abundantly! Allow God to shine the light of His face upon you and in your life! God is more than ready and willing to change every place in your life where the enemy has a foothold!