“I thought I’d seen it all!”

That’s what the woman said as she got out of her car,  pointing to our sign, and laughing! We talked for a long time, exchanging stories about the Lord and His goodness! When we prayed for her, Emil saw God’s golden bowls full of of rose petals and every rose petal was anointed with one of her tears. She began to cry as she quietly repeated, “Rose petals!” The bowls tipped and were falling back to her. The Lord said, “I collect all your tears,  every tear you’ve ever cried. Every prayer you thought I never heard and every prayer you thought I never answered, I’m sending back to you right now.” It turned out, she had just asked Him about that the night before and asked Him to show her that He heard her prayers. She then showed us on her phone a picture her daughter had sent her which had made her cry. It was a picture of a girl walking out of a brightly lit cave up to her knees in rose petals that had fallen from the ceiling of the cave. God knows what is meaningful to each person who stops on the roadside!