“What you do is so important!”

Today the Lord told us to be sure to be on the roadside at 1pm sharp! We got there a couple of minutes in advance and He said, “Get the banner up or you’ll miss it!” We hurried and as we attached the last corner of the banner, a van pulled up and a young woman jumped out and said, “Let me help you!” She said, “I was looking for you! I saw you out here the other day and today I was back up here making deliveries when I saw you setting up and I had to pull in! I was so happy to┬ásee you!” God ministered to her in great detail. She wound up accepting the Lord, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and as she got up to leave, she noticed 2 other cars had pulled in! She was so intent on hearing what God was saying to her that she hadn’t noticed when Karen got up quietly to go over to pray for 3 other people. She put her hand over her heart and said, “What you do is so important, to be willing to sit out here for a living, waiting for people like me and these other people, just to love us and pray for us! I can’t tell you how much it means that you were here for me. I just want you to know that you just changed the rest of my day and not just that, you changed my life!”