A Ride to Find a Place to Preside!

We were on the roadside this morning and afterward felt we were to take a drive and God would light up more set-up spots.  We found two: one at the intersection of Hwy 24 and SR67, just outside of Divide, SR67 leading to Cripple Creek and Hwy 24 leading to Florissant and beyond. It’s a church parking lot  which has great visibility from all 4 sides. Emil has a call in to the pastor to ask him about it.  Please pray he calls and approves us! The second one is on SR67, a huge pull-out with an old small abandoned building at one end which has a cross on top! It is a perfect place to set up when there are special events in Cripple Creek, such as when Colorado’s largest procession of motorcycles takes that route to the annual Salute to American Veterans Rally August 17th.