A Developing Pattern

In the nearly 15 years of doing the roadside ministry, we had someone stop once in Arizona when we first started who said he felt he was supposed to pray for us and we never forgot how great that felt. It hasn’t happened since, but in the last week, three separate couples have stopped on three different days and said, “The Lord told us to stop and pray for you!” Without us even voicing any needs, all three prayed the exact same thing: for protection and increased finances! It makes us wonder what battles the Lord is fighting on our behalf. It’s very humbling to have the Lord use people we’ve never met to lift us up and we are so grateful for their obedience. It’s also interesting that each time, as they prayed for us, the Holy Spirit downloaded a word for them and cut right to the heart of things with which they were dealing. He blesses us all without any of us needing to speak out a prayer request! Wow, this is a new thing!