New Spot Confirmed!

Today we tried out our new spot on SH 67, seven miles south of Hwy 24 in Divide, Colorado, where we will be set up for the next 3 days during the 2018 Salute to American Veterans Rally in Cripple Creek. We were both feeling a bit unsettled and could feel the spiritual warfare against us. We had just prayed that God would confirm that the spot was safe and where He wanted us to be when a Teller County truck pulled in and a guy jumped out. We prayed for favor under our breath, and he came right over to us with his arms straight out to his side and a big grin on his face, “Free Prayer?! Who wouldn’t want Free Prayer????” And sure enough, he asked us to pray for him. When we finished, he had tears in his eyes and said, “Only God would give you the things you just prayed. Everything you prayed was spot on and there’s no way you would know what’s going on in my family and my life.” He stayed at least a half an hour and was pleased when we told him he was our confirmation! He loved our porta potty trailer and said it shows people how committed we are to be out if we would go so far as to drag a porta potty along! He was a great encouragement in every way and we look forward to seeing him again!