God heals a car

Today on the roadside up SH67 in Divide was busy! We prayed for a brain injury, Guidance for buying a house, a soldier who wanted to be a good leader of his kids, need for a building, and more! One guy stopped as we were packing up who was someone who stopped a few weeks ago! He said I was hoping you would be here!! You prayed for me because my car needs a lot of repairs. You prayed the Lord would take care of the repairs! WELL, since you’ve both prayed over my car it runs better than it ever has! God healed my car!! Now I discovered that the car has a slight bent part on the frame and it is wearing my tires out! Would you pray one more time for my car so I don’t need an alignment? After  we prayed he said thank you Lord! Now I don’t need an alignment! He left after many hugs and rejoicing expecting that the Lord healed his car a second time! God is amazing!!