What a Day on the Road!

Prayed with a lady who is fearful because they’re buying and moving into their first home, prayed with someone whose scared of a bad diagnosis from the doctor, prayed for someone else having complications of stress affecting her health, prayed with someone who was grieving because they had lost someone dear to their family, prayed with someone who is just trying to deal with changes in life–even though they’re for the better, change isn’t easy. Prayed with someone having complications from surgery, prayed for a woman whose stress is over the top about finances, prayed for someone going through a divorce with an abusive husband. Got to pray with a person who is about to take a trip to visit family which usually entails dealing with self-centered and difficult family members, got to pray with someone dealing with the effects of domestic violence in their family. We ourselves could use prayer as both us have been under the weather for about a week. We are excited to watch the Lord meet all these needs. No matter what anyone is going through, Jesus is the source of all we need!