Mark 16:20 Confirmed!

Mark 16:20 NIV Then the Disciples went out and preached everywhere and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it!

I came for healing and she hobbled out of her car. How did she even know we believe in healing? God!!! She had pain in her knee, Hip, Back, and her shoulders. She said she was in pain all the time! The Lord said, She has a broken heart! A man very early in her life spoke very damaging words continuously to her. Because of that she doesn’t see any worth or value in her life. Also that she doesn’t think that I (God) think anything of her other than disappointment! As we addressed these things in her life she cried and cried as she agreed with what the Holy Spirit was saying to her! We prayed and the Lord healed everything from within her to the outside of her!

We had a man stop totally stoned off his gourd! He slurred his words, staggered, cursing, and leaned against the hood of his truck so he wouldn’t fall down. He stunk so strongly of pot as well as a desperate need of a bath, so bad our eyes were literally watering as we talked to him. He had a blown out back for the last 40 years, he was hooked on drugs, and he cursed everyone and everything. As the Lord began to download to us about this man and we began to share it with him, he became more and more quiet! As he realized he wasn’t saved, he began to listen and to cry! As he made the decision to receive the Lord into his heart and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he changed before our eyes!! He sobered up completely! All the smell around him of pot and the need of a bath LEFT! Then we prayed for his back and he was totally healed! He said I didn’t mention this to you but when I got hurt in my back I lost all feeling in all my fingertips! Now I have all the feeling in my fingers back! Jesus thank You For loving and healing the broken hearted!